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What's going to change?

You’ll get the latest services from Google, including Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs, and more than 2,000 Google Gadgets that you can add to your customized home page. We think you’re going to love all the new Google features.

Portal: Your new home page will bring a mix of news, weather, sports, and entertainment, plus powerful new features that you can customize, all brought to you through a single web page powered by Google.

Email Upgrade: Each of your email addresses will get over 6.5 GB of storage and counting. This is over 20 times more storage space than you have now so you can keep all your favorite photos and large email attachments. For many customers, this means you’ll never have to delete an email again!

Avoid spam: Don't waste time with junk mail and unwanted messages. Gmail blocks spam before it gets to your inbox. If an unwanted message ever finds its way through, you can fight back by reporting it and help make our spam filters even better. Learn more

Email search: Search your mail instantly Use Google search within Gmail to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received. You don't have to spend time sorting your email, just search for a message when you need it and we'll find it for you.

Organize replies into conversations: With Gmail, each message you send is grouped with all the responses you receive. This conversation view continues to grow as new replies arrive, so you can always see your messages in context.

Chat is built right in: With just one click, you can chat in Gmail with the people you already email. You can even reply to an email by chat. And Gmail can archive all of your chats, making them searchable, so you never lose any valuable information.

Get your mail on the go: The days of needing your computer to get to your inbox are long gone. You can now use Gmail on your mobile device to access your email from anywhere.

Lots of space: We're always working to increase the amount of storage we offer in Gmail. With all that space, you can archive instead of deleting messages, so they won't clutter your inbox but will remain searchable in case you ever need them again.

Save time: Take advantage of Quick Contacts and Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail to get through your email even faster. And don't forget that you can quickly find messages using Gmail's search feature powered by Google search technology.

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