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How do I keep good email out of the spam folder?

In most cases you should be able to select an email in the spam folder and then click the "Not Spam" button and it should effectively "white list" this email from further filtering. However there are some cases where you may want to ensure email from a particular address or particular internet domain will be delivered to your inbox. The procedure below should assist in avoiding spam filtering on particular email addresses or domains.

  1. Log in to your Google Apps webmail account.

  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.

  3. Click on the Filters tab.

  4. Click the Create a new filter link.

  5. In the From block input the email address (EXAMPLE: or just the domain if you receive email from multiple people on the same sending system. (EXAMPLE:

  6. Click Next Step.

  7. Check the box Never send it to Spam.

  8. A list will appear below to show you which emails will be effected by this filter.

  9. When you are satisfied with the filter you can click the Create Filter Button.

  10. Once you have completed this you will be taken back to the filter list. Go into the Spam folder on the left and find any emails that may already be marked as spam and check the boxes on the left side of the subject. Once you have located them all click Not Spam at the top of the listing.

  11. You should take care when implementing filters to check their performance in Webmail for a few days to ensure the are actually operating as you anticipated.
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