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Missing Contacts in Gmail after migration

The GMail interface often appears to be missing contacts right after migration to the Google Apps platform. This is often a misinterpretation of the contacts interface.

When you first open your contacts list in GMail it will appear to be empty, this is because the default panel is showing you contacts you have recently corresponded with. If you select the “All Contacts” tab you will see the contacts list that will have migrated from the old mail system.

Also the migration will not migrate contacts from a mail client such as Outlook Express, this must be done separately and will require some effort to export/import that address book.

If your contacts list was kept on the old web mail system and was not moved to the GMail interface, please contact your technical support department via email or phone before the old mail server is taken out of service.

In some cases if you had special characters in the name or address of the contact it may have caused a problem with the migration script, in this case individual addresses or the entire address book may have failed to migrate. Please contact your customer service department in order to have the address fixed and migrated before the old mail server is taken off line.

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