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Browsers - for Macintosh Classic and OS X

You surf the Web by using a program commonly called a "browser." You don't need to remember that. You just need to know which browser you are using. Pick your browser below:

Browsers for Mac OS X: Browsers for Mac OS 8.x to 9.x:
Safari Opera 8.0 Internet Explorer 5
  Mozilla Firefox Opera 7.5 Internet Explorer 4
Internet Explorer 5 Opera 6 Netscape Navigator 7
Netscape Navigator 7   Camino 0.8 Netscape Navigator 6
Netscape Navigator 6   Camino 0.7 Netscape Communicator 4
  Mozilla     Opera 6
          Mozilla 1.0.2
Internet System Preferences 10.2
(web settings for the whole system)
Internet System Preferences 10.0-10.1
(web settings for the whole system)
    Internet Control Panel 8.5 -9.x
(web settings for the whole system)


Note: If you have an older version of a browser then go get the latest version. They're free and you will want to have all of the latest capabilities when you surf (unless you don't have enough "hard disk" memory to load the newest version). You can download this software at http://www.tucows.com or http://www.download.com.


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