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  Avant Browser - Browser for Windows 

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  Configuring Avant Browser:

To enjoy all, or at least most, of what the Internet has to offer, it is necessary to configure your browser correctly.

To configure Avant Browser, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Tools and select Avant Browser Options from the menu.


Setting the Homepage:

In the Category column, highlight Home Page.

To the right you'll see various options concerning the home page.

The homepage is the first page that loads when you open your browser.  It can be any page you like.  In this example, I entered "http://www.netfaqs.com/".


Blocking Pop-up Windows:

In the Category column, highlight Browsing Options.

Pop-up windows are the annoying ads that seem to appear randomly on your screen.  The creators make them in hopes that you'll click on them and buy something.  Avant comes with pop-up blocking capability.

To block pop-ups, check the box Block unwanted pop-up pages.

To add exceptions to the blocked pages, click here.


Enabling Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, and Flash:

In the Category column, select Browsing Options from the list.

Most Internet sites display pictures, videos, and sounds.  Many utilize Java and JavaScript, and some ActiveX.

To be able to view these pages and hear sounds, you must enable this functionality.

To the right you can enable/disable the options to your liking.


Enabling/Clearing passwords for Web pages:

In the Category column, select Auto-Complete from the list.

Auto-Complete is a feature that allows Avant Browser to remember the passwords you've typed on pages and enter them for you.  You can also delete all the passwords Avant has remembered.

To enable Auto-Complete, check the box Enable Auto-Complete for web pages.

To clear the passwords, click Clear Auto-Complete passwords for web pages.


In the Category column, select Email Client from the list.

You can select what e-mail program you'd like Avant to open.  You can select Outlook Express or any other e-mail program you have installed.  In this example, I selected Pegasus Mail.

If you use a Webmail interface for your e-mail, you can select Web Mail and enter the address to your Webmail interface.  Your Webmail interface address follows this format:  mail.ispname.com.


Enabling the proxy server:

In the Category column, select Proxy Server from the list.

Most Internet Service Providers offer many services.  Two of these services are content filtering and browsing acceleration.  Both of these can be added and edited here in the proxy setup.

Content filtering  =  blocks access to unwanted and undesirable web content such as pornographic, violent, or risqué sites.  Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if this service is offered.

Browsing acceleration  =  BrowseBlast is a service that can speed up your dial-up connection's browsing and e-mail downloading up to 6 times faster.  If you don't already have BrowseBlast, you can contact your ISP for more details.

The screenshots show where to place the settings for both Filtering and BrowseBlast.  The proxy addresses and ports are available from your ISP support center.

Click Add to add the address and port to the list.  If you have more than one entered, check the one you'd like to use.

Content Filtering:   Browsing Acceleration:


Clearing the cache, cookies, and history:

In the Category column, select Clear Records from the list.

Cache  =  The cache (Temporary Internet Files) is a folder containing all the files (text and images) of the sites you visit.  Every word, icon, photo, etc. of the pages you visit are stored in this folder.  Depending on your surfing habits, they can build up quickly.  They should be deleted periodically to improve browsing performance.

Cookies  =  Cookies are a necessary evil on the Internet.  Cookies are small files left on your computer to aid in quicker access upon return.  However, some sites gather information from you through the use of cookies.  As annoying as they can be, you need them to be able to access certain sites (i.e., bank and credit union sites).  Without them you cannot access these sites and certain others.

History  =  The history is a folder containing a list of every site visited during a certain time period.

To clear the cache, cookies, and history, select the appropriate boxes and click Clear Checked Item(s).

You can also do this automatically by checking the box Automatically clear checked item(s) every time exit Avant Browser.  Upon closing Avant Browser, all these files will be deleted.


Another way to clear the cache, cookies, and history, is by doing the following:

On the Toolbar, click Tools and select Clear Records and Clear All Records from the menus.


Adding exceptions to the blocked pop-up pages:

In the Category column, select Popup Blocker from the list.

Avant Browser will block all pop-ups on a Webpage except for those you place in the Exception List.


In the Category column, select AD Blocker from the list.

The AD Blocker allows Avant Browser to block all advertisements on a Webpage.  This will decrease the time it takes to download a particular Webpage.  All advertisements will be blocked except for those you enter into the Exception List.


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