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Westell 327W Gateway for Microsoft Windows

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Restore the Westell 327W to the Factory Default Settings:

Occasionally you'll need to restore the settings in the Westell to the factory defaults.  After restoring the settings, the Westell will be as if you just pulled it out of the box.  You can then configure a new connection.  Do the following:

After connecting the Westell to your computer, open your Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.).
Address  =  Enter the following address:

The Westell User Interface appears.

Click the Maintenance link and select Backup/Restore from the menu.


The Westell requires an administrative username and password to make changes to the settings.  By default, the username is admin and the password is password.  If you've never created your own username and password for the Westell, enter this username and password to make changes.  Otherwise, enter your own.

Click the OK button to continue.


The following screen appears:

Factory defaults becomes "Current configuration"  =  Click the restore button (It's the bottom restore button).


The settings have been restored to the factory defaults.  The administrative username and password have also been set to the factory defaults.  Enter the following:

User name  =  Enter admin for the username.
Password  =  Enter password for the password.

Click the OK button to continue.


If the following screen appears, connect your DSL line to the Westell.


The modem resets to the factory defaults.


The next time you open the interface, you will be prompted to enter a new administration name and password.

Enter Administration Name  =  Enter a new username to access the Web interface.
Enter Administration Password  =  Enter a password to access the Web interface.
Verify Administration Password  =  Verify the previous password by retyping it.

Click the Change button to save the new settings.


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