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Modem Configuration Options

Open the Dial-Up Networking Folder: to get the following screen:

Right-click the DUN client and choose "properties" to get the screen below. Note: You can also get to these properties by clicking to highlight the connection and then clicking File Menu -> Properties.

Set the phone number. It is usually a good idea to add 3 to 5 commas to the end of the phone number for a more stable connection. These commas will cause the modem to spend an extra few seconds "training in" on the phone signal. This results in a much better connection.

Click the modem "configure" button to see the screen below.

Set the speed to 57600. A 115000 connection will be highly unstable.

Click the Connection tab to see the screen below:

Leave the top boxes alone. 

If given an option, you do want a checkmark to wait for a dial tone before dialing. You can also accomplish the same effect by putting a comma at the beginning of the phone number.

Don't set the "cancel call" option for under 30 seconds (if you have the option at all).

Click the Advanced button to get the screen below:

This is where you set a "win" modem for software data flow. The most common Win modems: US Robotics 56k Win Modem; LT Win Modem; SupraMax 56k; HSP MicroModem; PCTel; Motorola SM56; ESS; Zoltrix; Shark; anything with HSP in the name. 

This is also where you can set "init strings" in the "extra settings" box. The two strings shown in the "Extra Settings" box are options for configuring a 56k modem to connect at a 34k rate if it is unable to maintain a 56k connection.

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