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Windows ME Modem Configuration Options



Modify Settings of your modem:

To modify the settings of your modem, do the following:

On the Desktop, click the Start button and select Settings -> Dial-Up Networking from the menus.


The Dial-Up Networking window appears.

Right click your Connection and select Properties from the menu.


A window similar to the following should appear.

Select the General tab.

Connect using:

Click the Configure button.


The "Modem" Properties window appears.

Maximum speed:  Since you're using a 56K modem, set the speed to 57600.


Select the Connection tab.

Connection preferences:  Leave these options at their defaults. 

Call preferences:

If given the option, check mark the box Wait for dial tone before dialing.
Don't set the Cancel the call... option for under 30 seconds (if you have the option at all).

Click the Advanced button.


The Advanced Connection Settings window appears.

Extra settings:

Advanced users can enter an "Init string".  If you have an internal 56k modem and you just can't get a stable connection due to your phone lines or your modem software, you might want to fix that problem by putting in a V34 init string.  This could make your connection more stable.

AT&F sets many modems back to factory settings.
AT&F+MS=V34 sets many modems back to factory settings and can make the connection more stable.

When finished, click the OK button to close the window.


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