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NT4 DUN - Connections for Microsoft Windows

Open the Hard Disk -> Double-Click Dial-Up Networking Icon:This leads to the following window:

You can click the New button to create a new DUN connection.

Click the More button drop-down arrow for the following options:

Choose "I already know about DUN connections" and the Finish button to get to the Edit Phone Entries window (second below).


Entry name  =  give the connection a name.  You can name it after your ISP if you wish.
Phone number  =  enter the local access number you use to connect to the Internet.  Do not enter your home phone number.

Note: Check with your ISP's tech support to get your local access number.

Dial using  =  select the correct modem from the drop-down list.  You should only see one listed.

Click the Configure button.


Initial speed (bps)  =  select your modem speed from the drop-down list.  If you have a 56K, v90, or v92 modem, select 57600.
Hardware Features  =  all these boxes should be enabled.

Note:  Disabling the modem speaker isn't helpful when troubleshooting connection problems. It is useful to be able to hear if the port is squealing, reporting busy signals, etc.

Hit the OK button to return to the prior screen.


We return to the Edit Phonebook Entry window.

Select the Server tab.

Dial-up server type  =  this should be set to PPP: Windows NT, Windows 95 Plus, Internet.

Network protocols:

Enable the option TCP/IP.

Check the option Enable software compression.

Click the TCP/IP Settings button.


The PPP TCP/IP Settings window appears.

Ensure that Server assigned IP address is selected.

Select Specify name server addresses.

Primary DNS  =  enter the IP address
Secondary DNS  =  enter the IP address

Select the boxes Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network.

Click OK when finished.


We return to the Edit Phonebook Entry window.

Select the Security tab.

Authentication and encryption policy:

Ensure the option Accept any authentication including clear text is selected.

Click OK when finished.


Click the Dial button.


The following window appears:

User name  =  enter your username followed by the domain tail (@ispname.com).
Password  =  enter your dial-up password.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock key is disabled.

Click OK to connect.  After connecting, open your browser to surf the Internet.


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