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The setup of DUN (dial-up networking) clients for NT4 workstations and servers is different than a Win 9X setup. This "jump page" will link you to "screen shot" pages with detailed directions. 

Note:  You must be logged onto your NT machine with administrative privileges on that computer in order to install TCP/IP or RAS. The client also needs to have Service Pack 4 (or better) installed.


The DUN setup process runs in three stages:

1. Make sure that TCP/IP is installed and configured. Note: This protocol stack is not automatically installed by NT. Open the Control Panel -> Network section. Click the Protocols tab. If TCP/IP is not installed then hit the "add" button and follow the wizard. Once installed, double-click TCP/IP in the list to check its DNS settings, etc. Click here for screen shots on installing & configuring TCP/IP.

2. Make sure that RAS (Remote Access Service) is installed. Note: This is not installed automatically. You can also install a modem during this process. There are no "screen shots" but it is easy. Open the Control Panel -> Network icon -> Services tab. If Remote Access Service is not installed then click the add button and install it. You will also have the option to install a modem during this installation (if needed).

3. Configure the "phonebook" entry in the DUN section of the hard disk. Click here for screen shots.

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