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  Postini - Anti-spam/Anti-virus Solution

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  Configuring Postini's anti-spam protection:

When enabled, Postini can catch spam and transfer it to a temporary folder in your Postini account.  You can adjust the settings to fine tune Postini to your tastes.  The following tutorial explains this process:

Browse to the Postini's log-in window.
Log in Address
  =  Enter the e-mail address you have guarded by Postini.
Password  =  Enter the password you have to the e-mail address.
Click the LOG IN button.


Once logged in, do the following:

Towards the top of the viewable page, click the Junk Email Settings link.


Junk Email Blocking  =  Click the ON button.

Spam Filters  =  Postini displays five categories:

Experiment with these settings to find the levels with which you're most comfortable.

When finished, click the Save Changes button.


Scroll down the window to the Sender Lists section.

You can also further define your spam protection by entering domains and or e-mail addresses of Approved Senders and Blocked Senders.

Approved Senders:  Postini will allow all messages, even if spam, to pass to your inbox if the address is listed in this section.
Blocked Senders:  Postini will deny all messages, even if good mail, from passing to your inbox if the address is listed in this section.


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