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How Do I Connect To Your ISP When Traveling?

We literally have thousands of local dial-up numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada that you can use to connect to us. You can click on the "Dial-Up Locations" link in the left sidebar of our main website to lookup one of these numbers.

You might not need to use our ISP connection if you simply want to check your e-mail. You can use any Internet connection to do that. <Click here for details>

If you do wish to use our ISP to connect then be sure to use a local dial-up number for the area that you are visiting. We will not be responsible for long distance. Just switch the number when connecting. For detailed instructions on changing the dial-up number that is being used by your computer, choose one of the following options:

Warning: Most office and hotel phone systems require you to dial a number (often 9) to get an outside phone line. If you are at a location where you have to dial a number to get outside, just add that number plus one or two commas to the front of our local dial-up number. For example, if you need to dial a "9" to get an outside line calling 801-413-2200 then put the number into your computer as 9,,4132200. Also, don't forget that many areas now require "ten digit dialing" where you have to put in the area code (without a preceding 1) for local calls. Most people in the city that you are visiting will be able to tell you if they use "ten digit dialing" in that city.

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