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How Do I Open A "Zipped" File?

Programs are often distributed across the Internet in a ".zip" file format which compresses the file(s) so that they are smaller & easier to send to someone. This is especially useful since many virus software programs automatically delete any e-mail attachments that are .exe executable programs. If you are having trouble sending or receiving a program by e-mail due to a virus software program then try sending the file in .zip format. You can tell if a file is "zipped" if it ends with a .zip extension on the end of the name. 

There are a variety of programs that can be used to open or compress zip files. You might already have a program such as WinZip on your computer without even knowing it. Some are free and others cost money but even the purchase versions often include a free 30 day demo to evaluate the software for free. We recommend checking a website such as or for your options on the latest compression tools.

WinZip is probably the most well known program of this variety. You can download a free demo of the program at and we have setup & usage instructions for WinZip in our online help section. <Click here for the WinZip tutorial.>

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