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  Configuring Konqueror:

To be able to surf the web with minimal problems, it's imperative to have a properly configured browser.  The following is a tutorial on configuring the most common elements of Konqueror.

On the Toolbar, click Settings and select Configure Konqueror from the menu.


The Settings window opens.

In the left-hand column, highlight Behavior.

Setting the Home Page:

To the right you can enter the Home Page URL.  The Home Page is the first page that downloads each time you launch Konqueror.  It's usually a favorite site or a search engine.  In the example below, I entered "http://www.netfaqs.com/".


In the left-hand column, highlight Java & JavaScript.

Enabling Java & JavaScript:

Java is an integral part of the Internet.  Many pages are created using Java & JavaScript.  To properly view these pages, you must have them enabled.

To the right, check the box Enable Java globally.


Select the JavaScript tab.

Check the box Enable JavaScript globally.

Note:  if pop-up ads annoy you, you can disable many of them by selecting Deny under the JavaScript Web Popups Policy section.


In the left-hand column, highlight History Sidebar.

Clearing the History:

The History is a folder containing a list of all the websites that have been visited during a specified period of time.  You can clear the history by clicking the button Clear History.


In the left-hand column, highlight Cookies.

Cookie handling policies:

Cookies are a necessary evil on the Internet.  Cookies are small files left on your computer to aid in quicker access upon return.  However, some sites gather information from you through the use of cookies.  As annoying as they can be, you need them to be able to access certain sites (i.e., bank and credit union sites).  Without them you cannot access these sites and others.

Check the box Enable cookies.

If privacy is important to you, you can check the box Only accept cookies from the originating server and you can mark the circle Ask fro confirmation before accepting cookies.

Important:  if you have trouble accessing certain sites, ensure that you have cookies enabled.


Select the Management tab.

Clearing the Cookies:

You can delete the cookies that have been downloaded on your computer.  Don't worry, you'll get them back.  Do any of the following:

1.  Highlight a cookie and click Delete to delete only the ones you don't want, or
2.  Click the Delete All button to clear out all the cookies.


In the left-hand column, highlight Cache.

Clearing the Cache:

The Cache contains all of the pages of the websites you've visited including images, text, and graphics.

A full cache can reduce your browsing performance.  It is important to clear the cache periodically.  To do this click the Clear Cache button.


In the left-hand column, highlight Proxy.

Enabling the Proxy:

One function the proxy has is to help prevent access to unwanted Internet sites, namely pornographic and violent sites.  If you'd like to enable this feature, do the following:

Check the box Use proxy and select Manually specified settings.

Click the Setup button to the right.


The Manual Proxy Configuration window opens.


If you don't know the address and port, contact your ISP's support center.

Click OK when finished.


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