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  Netscape 4.X - E-mail Clients for Linux 

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  Creating new e-mail accounts in Netscape 4.X:

Key Settings:

Incoming Mail Server = follows this format: with your ISP's name substituted for "".

Outgoing Mail Server = follows this format: with your ISP's name substituted for "".
      SMTP Authentication (e-mail username) is required to send e-mail.

Warning:  if you delete an e-mail account, your saved e-mails will appear to be deleted as well.  They have not been deleted.  Click here to see how to restore your saved messages into your new account.

Like most browsers, Netscape 4.X comes with its own e-mail client:  Netscape Messenger (Mail).

To create an e-mail account, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Edit and select Preferences from the menu.

Note:  you can do this from the Netscape Navigator or Messenger.


The Preferences window opens.

Double click the Mail & Newsgroups category to expand it.

Highlight Identity.

To the right you'll see the following:

Your Name  =  enter your name.

Email address  =  enter the e-mail address of the account.

Highlight Mail Servers.


Note the Incoming Mail Servers and Outgoing Mail Server sections.

To the right of the Incoming Mail Servers section, click Add.


The Mail Server Properties window appears.

Below the General tab are three fields:

Incoming mail server = Replace the with your ISP's info.

Server Type  =  select POP3 Server from the drop-down menu.

User Name  =  enter the username of the e-mail account (everything before (or .net). ).

Check Remember password.

Click OK when finished.


We return to the following window:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Outgoing mail server = Replace the with your ISP's info.

Enabling SMTP Authentication:

SMTP authentication helps deter people from spamming, and it is as simple as entering a username and password.

Outgoing Mail Server user name  =  enter the username the e-mail account (everything before (or .net). ).

Note:  the next time you try to send e-mail, Netscape will ask you for your password.

Click OK  when finished.


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