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  Creating a new newsgroup account in Mozilla:

To create a new newsgroup account in Mozilla, follow these steps:

On the Toolbar, click Window and select Mail & Newsgroups from the menu.


Mozilla Mail opens.

On the Toolbar, click Edit, and select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings from the drop-down menu.


The Mail & Newsgrouops Account Settings window opens.

Towards the bottom-left corner, click Add Account.


The following window appears:

Select Newsgroup account.

Click Next to continue.


Your Name  =  enter your name or a nickname.
Email Address  =  enter the e-mail address of the account.

Click Next to continue.


Newsgroup Server  =  enter the name address of the news server:

Click Next to continue.


Account Name  =  enter a name for the new account.  It can be anything you like.

Click Next to continue.


Click Finish to complete the wizard.


We return to the following window:

Enabling NNTP Authentication:

NNTP authentication is required to connect to the news server and helps deter people from spamming you and others.  To enable NNTP authentication, do the following:

Check the box Always request authentication when connecting to this server's newsrc file.

When you login to the news server you'll be asked your dial-up username and password.

Click OK to close the window.


You'll be presented with a window similar to the following:

Highlight the news account and click Subscribe to newsgroups.


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