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  Creating new newsgroups accounts in Netscape 4.X:

Newsgroups are chats or discussions that take place on the Internet and cover a wide variety of topics.  You download them just like e-mail.  You can also post (respond) to them to state your own view point or ask for additional information.

Netscape comes with its own built-in newsgroup reader.  The following tutorial illustrates how to create a newsgroup account in Netscape.

On the Toolbar, click Edit and select Preferences from the menu.


In the left-hand column, double click the Mail & Newsgroups category to expand it.

Highlight Newsgroups Servers.

To the right, under the Newsgroups Servers heading, click Add.


The Newsgroup Servers Properties window opens.

Server  =  enter the name address of your news server:

Port  =  this should be the default port:  119.

Enabling NNTP Authentication:

NNTP authentication helps deter people from spamming other people.  NNTP authentication is as simple as entering a username and password.  When you log in, Netscape will prompt you for your username and password.  This will be the username and password of your dial-up account (your Internet connection).

To enable NNTP authentication, check the box Always use name and password.

Click OK when finished.


The newsgroups server has now been added.  To subscribe to newsgroups, open Netscape Messenger (Mail) and click on the newly-created newsgroups account.

Click OK to close the Preferences window.


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