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  Pan Newsreader - Newsgroup Clients for Linux 

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  Creating a new newsgroup account on the first run in Pan Newsreader:

The first time you launch Pan you'll be presented with the following setup wizard.  It will guide you through the process.

Click Forward to continue.


Display Name  =  enter your name or a nickname.
Organization  =  you can enter the name of your organization or leave this field blank.

Click Forward to continue.


Email address  =  enter your e-mail address.
Note:  if you want to increase your chance of not getting spam, do NOT enter your true e-mail address.
SMTP Server  =  enter the name address of your outgoing mail server:
SMTP Port  =  enter the default outgoing mail port:  25.

Click Forward to continue.


News (NNTP) server  =  enter the name address of the news server:
  =  enter the default news port:  119.

Enabling NNTP Authentication:

NNTP authentication is required to log in.  NNTP authentication helps deter people from spamming you and others.  To enable NNTP authentication, do the following:

Check the box My server requires a password.

Account name  =  enter your dial-up username (including (or .net))
Password  =  enter your dial-up password.
Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

Click Forward to continue.


Profile name  =  enter a name for the profile.  You can name it anything you'd like.

Click Forward to continue.


You're done with the initial configuration.

Click Save.


After clicking "Save", you'll be presented with the following window:

Click Yes to download a list of available newsgroups and subscribe to those that interest you.


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