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  BrowseBlast - Browsing Accelerator for Macintosh OS X 

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  Configuring BrowseBlast Web accelerator:

Note:  BrowseBlast only works on Mac OS X.

BrowseBlast is a browsing accelerator that increases your dial-up browsing speed by up to 6x faster.  BrowseBlast is installed on your computer, and after installing BrowseBlast Web Accelerator, you'll need to configure it correctly.  Do the following:

On your Desktop, click on the BrowseBlast icon to launch it.

The following window appears:

The Status tab is selected by default.


Select the Images tab.

You can adjust the quality of the image to increase your browsing speed.  The lower the quality of the image, the faster the page will download.  Adjust the quality to your liking.

Note:  to save any changes made to BrowseBlast, click the Apply button.


Select the Connection tab.

Check the box Login required for BrowseBlast.

Username  =  enter your BrowseBlast username.
Password  =  enter your BrowseBlast password.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock key is NOT enabled.

Check the box Save password (recommended).

Note:  to save any changes made to BrowseBlast, click the Apply button.

Click the Advanced button.


The following window appears:

By default, these settings should already be configured.  However, if they are removed for some reason, they should be configured to match the settings below:

Server Hostname  =  this should be set to the BrowseBlast server closest to you.
Server Port  =  this should be set to 7000.
Local Port  =  this should be set to 5400.

Click the OK button when finished.


Updating BrowseBlast:

Select the Update tab.

By enabling the option Inform me about minor version updates, BrowseBlast fill alert you to any updates that would improve the BrowseBlast service.

Note:  to save any changes made to BrowseBlast, click the Apply button.


Running a Diagnostics:

You can diagnose the speed at which BrowseBlast is running.

On the Toolbar, click BrowseBlast and select Diagnostics from the drop-down menu.


The Diagnostics screen appears.

This screen informs you of the speed at which sites are downloaded with acceleration and without.

Click the OK button to close the window.


Quitting BrowseBlast:

To quit BrowseBlast Web Accelerator, click BrowseBlast on the Toolbar, and select Quit BrowseBlast from the drop-down menu.


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