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Apple Remote Access (ARA) - For Mac Classic 8.5 - 9.2

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Apple Remote Access (ARA) Reinstallation Overview:

Links on this page: Reset ARA, TCP, & Modem | ReInstall ARA |

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet using Apple Remote Access, this may indicate that you have some corrupt files associated with the program.  Follow the instructions in all of the links above before trying the steps below:

Here are some general troubleshooting steps for Remote Access:
    1) Delete old connections & Make a new connection configuration
    2) Modify the new connection so that all settings are perfect
    3) Trash the Preferences for ARA, TCP, and Modem, then reboot.
    4) Make new configurations for ARA, TCP, and Modem.  Use the Internet Setup Assistant if possible.
    5) As a last resort, try re-installing ARA from your Mac OS Install CD.


Reset Apple Remote Access (ARA), TCP, and Modem:

You can reset all Internet related settings on your computer to their original state.

1) Delete all "Preference" files associated with your Internet connection.

    Open the Macintosh Hard Disk.   

Open the System Folder

Drag the Mac TCP DNR file to the trash.

Open the Preferences Folder

Drag the Internet Preferences file to the trash.

Drag the Modem Preferences file to the trash.

Drag the Remote Access folder to the trash.

Drag the TCP/IP Preferences file to the trash.

Important: Do not empty the trash until after you've rebooted.


2) Restart the computer by clicking Special -> Restart.

3) Rebuild the desktop:
        Hold down the OPTION key and the APPLE key.
        Click Yes when asked "Are you sure you want to rebuild the desktop?"

4) Restart the computer again by clicking Special -> Restart.

5) Run the Internet Setup Assistant (ISA).  Or, you can configure TCP and Remote Access manually.


Reinstall Apple Remote Access (ARA):

If the above steps do not fix the problem you are having with your internet connection, you may want to completely reinstall PPP and/or TCP.  Click the links below for help with this.

Reinstall Remote Access

Reinstall TCP

Remember: This is a last resort AFTER following the steps above.


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