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Free PPP 2.6.2 - Dial-up Connection For Mac Classic 7.1 - 9.2

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FreePPP 2.6.2 Installation Overview:

FreePPP is a program that allows your computer to dial-up to the Internet using a modem and a phone line.  It was offered by a 3rd-Party software company named Rockstar software.  It was the most popular Dialing Program available for Macintosh before Apple introduced it's "PPP" program on Mac OS 7.6 and it's "Remote Access" program on Mac OS 8.5.   

FreePPP version 2.6.2 works on all Mac Classic versions from 7.1 up through 9.2.  (An older version 2.5.2 only worked up through Mac OS 7.6.)  Although Mac 7.6+ comes with Apple's PPP and 8.5+ comes with Apple's Remote Access, Free PPP 2.6.2 can be used in place of them.  This tutorial covers the latest FreePPP version 2.6.2.

Remember: On the pre-8 OS's, it is always best to upgrade to Open Transport TCP over the older MacTCP.



Open the FreePPP 2.6 Installer folder (the icon without .sit on the end). 


Then, click on the monkey icon that says "Install FreePPP 2.6.2".


The following splash screen will appear, but then disappear shortly.


The following screen appears.  Click Next to continue.


Click Next.


On the next screen, choose the Easy Install at the top left.  Then click Next.


The installation program needs to close all programs to continue.  Click OK.


After a few moments, the program will be installed.  When the installation is finished, click Next.


Then click Next again.


After a few moments, the program will be configured.  When the configuration is complete, click Next.


You will be presented with the following screen. 

Click Restart to complete the installation.


When your computer is finished rebooting, go to the Configuring FreePPP page to setup your connection.


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