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Gearbox Macintosh Installation & Configuration

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Gearbox is a program that acts as a dialer and sets up browser, email, news & chat clients.  It automatically configures TCP/IP and Remote Access for Mac OS 8/9.  It also configures Internet Explorer, Netscape, Outlook Express, and Eudora.

Main Window: 

Links on this page: 'Quick-Launch' Panel | 'Configuration' Panel | 'Connect To' Panel | 'Status' Panel |

The Main Window has icons for checking e-mail & news groups, going to a website and chatting.  Click 'Connect' to go online.   After connecting, the Status Panel tells you if you have email and your connection speed.  

To open the Main Window, click on our ISP's icon on the desktop.  You can close and reopen the Main Window without shutting down Gearbox.  Do this from the File menu, pictured below.

If you do not see these same options on the 'File' menu, then you probably to not have Gearbox set as the active application in the Finder/Application Menu (top right-hand corner of the Macintosh desktop).


'Quick-Launch' Panel:

The top bar of the Main Window is the 'Quick-Launch' bar.  There are buttons for your default Web, E-Mail, News and Chat clients.  'View' and 'Fix' provide access to Gearbox's diagnostic tools. 

See the page on Preferences to learn how to change your default clients.

See the Diagnostics Page for more info on the View and Fix buttons.


Configuration Panel:

The 'Configuration' panel displays your login ID.   If it is incorrect, change it on the Apple toolbar.
Click here for instructions.  

You can also change between configuration sets (LAN and ISP or Home and Work).  

Click here for more information on adding and editing Configuration Sets.


'Connect To' Panel:

The 'Connect To' panel allows you to change dialup numbers & locations.

The dialup number is the number used to access the Internet.  You can change this in the drop-down menu.  Use the 'Find Dialup Numbers' link at the top of the list to add extra numbers to the list.  Click here for information on this tool.

The dial location contains the settings (area code, call waiting, etc.) you'll need to dial out from your location.  Click in the 'From' field to change, add, or edit dial locations.  Click here for information on this tool.

When your dial-up number and dial location are correct, click on the 'Connect' button to dial the Internet. 


'Status' Panel:

Once connected, the Main Window's 'Status' Panel displays information about your connection.  

The 'Status' panel shows whether or not Gearbox has successfully connected to the DNS, Mail & News servers.   It also shows your connection speed.

This is everything you need to know about the Main Window of Gearbox.  See Preferences, Dial Settings, and Advanced Settings for help on changing additional settings .


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