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PPP - Dial-up Connection for Mac Classic 7.6 - 8.4

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  Get Connected with PPP:

There are 3 separate ways to  get connected to the Internet on your Macintosh.
These screen shots are for PPP.

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Connect using the Control Strip:

The easiest way to switch between two different ISP's connections is through the control strip on your Mac's desktop.  Look for the button that resembles a Blue Telephone.

PPP Control Strip 

Click on the Telephone Pole for a pop-up menu, as pictured below.  

The second section from the bottom shows that there are 3 connections on this Mac ("Default", "ISPName", and "OtherISP").  The dot in front of "Default" shows that it is the active configuration that will be used when trying to connect to the Internet.  If you want to use a different connection, select it from the menu.  

Click Connect when you are ready to get on the Internet.


Connect using the Control Panels:

If you don't have a Control Strip on your Desktop, there is a second way to get connected.

First, open PPP.  Click on Apple -> Control Panels -> PPP.

The PPP screen will open up, as pictured below.

Once PPP is open, click the Connect button at the bottom.


Connect Automatically:

Continuing from the screenshot above, click on the Options button.  The following screen appears:

For PPP, the Connection tab has an option to "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications".  Placing a check-mark here will make it so that PPP will dialup to the Internet any time you open an Internet program, such as Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.


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