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Mac OS X 10.0 - Internet Connection

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Getting Connected:

There are 2 separate ways to  get connected to the Internet on your Macintosh.

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Option 1:  Connect using Internet Connect:

A first and best way to get connected is through the Internet Connect application.

From the main finder menu click Go, and then click Applications, as shown below.

The Applications folder is pictured below.  Click the icon of the yellow phonebook named Internet Connect.

It is a good idea to drag the Internet Connect icon down to your Mac's Dock.  This will make it easier to access later.

After clicking the Internet Connect icon, the following window opens up.  Make sure Internal Modem is selected and that the telephone, username, and password are correct.  If you need to make any changes, click the Edit button at the bottom-right.  Follow the Configuration links at the top of this page to configure the connection.

Click the Connect button and your Mac will start dialing up to the Internet.  


Option 3:  Connect Automatically:

This last method is not recommended.  There is a small bug that causes the browser to time out before you actually connect.  This will result in the error 'The Page Cannot Be Displayed'.  It's easy enough to fix, but can create a bit of confusion initially.  Simply click 'Refresh' or 'Home' after the modem finishes connecting.

The following screen shots describe how to set up your Mac to Connect Automatically when opening Internet programs.

To access the Network settings, click Apple, then Location, then Network Preferences.

The following window opens.  Go straight to the PPP tab.  

Select the PPP Options button at the bottom of the screen.

You can place a check-mark in the firs option, Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications.  This will allow you to connect using your browser or email client.  

Caution:  The browser may time out before you actually connect.  This will result in the error 'The Page Cannot Be Displayed'.  Click 'Refresh' or 'Home' to access the home page.

Click OK and open any Internet program to automatically dial up to the Internet.

Now you know both ways to make your Mac dialup to the Internet.

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