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  Connections - Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) 

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  Create a New Internet Connection:

To create a new Internet connection, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click the Apple icon and select Location -> Network Preferences from the menus.


The Network window opens.

Location  =  Click the arrows and select New Location from the menu.


The following window appears:

Name your new location  =  Give the connection a name.

Click the OK button to continue.


Show  =  Since this is a dial-up connection, select Internet Modem from the menu.

Select the PPP tab.

Service Provider  =  You can enter the name of your Internet service provider.
Account Name  =  Verify the spelling of your username (including the domain
Password  =  Verify the spelling of your password by retyping it.
Telephone Number  =  Verify the access number provided by your Internet service provider.  This is not for your telephone number.

Check the box Save password.

Click the PPP Options button.


The following window appears:

Session Options:

When you check the option Connect automatically when needed, your computer will ask you if you want to connect when you click on a TCP/IP application i.e., Mac Mail, Safari, Entourage, etc.

Click the OK button to close the window.


Select the TCP/IP tab.

Configure IPv4  =  Select Using PPP from the menu.

DNS Servers  =  Normally ISPs dynamically assign these addresses.  There shouldn't be any reason to enter your DNS addresses.  However, if you're having trouble browsing, you may consider entering these.


Select the Modem tab.

Modem  =  Apple normally assigns this automatically.  You'll usually see Apple Internal 56K.

Check the option Enable error correction and compression in modem.
Check the option Wait for dial tone before dialing.

Dialing  =  This should be set to the type of dialing you get from your telephone company.  Most use Tone dialing.  Pulse is a bit archaic.
Sound  =  You can enable/disable the sound your modem makes when connecting to the Internet.

When finished, click the Apply button to save any changes and close the window.


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