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Internet Control Panel:  for Mac Classic OS 8.5 - 9.x

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Internet System Preferences: Mac Classic OS 8.5 - 9.x

The Internet System Preferences control E-mail, Newsgroup, and Web settings for the entire computer.

Some browsers (e.g., Opera, Camino) rely upon these settings for some of their own settings.
Other browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer) can be affected by changes made to the Internet settings.
Most e-mail programs (e.g., Mail, Entourage, Eudora) can be affected by changes made here as well.

You can establish default settings for the following items, which will affect most programs on your computer:

1) Personal & E-mail
        -Default E-mail program
        -E-mail address
        -Mail Server settings
2) Web
        -Default Browser program
        -Default Start Page
3) News
        -Default Newsgroup reader
4) Advanced
        -Proxy settings for adult web site filtering


To access the Internet System Preferences, follow these steps:

On the toolbar, click Apple, then Control Panels, then Internet.

The first tab is the Personal tab.


Personal tab:

Name = you can enter your name if you'd like.

Email Address  =  enter your e-mail address.


Email tab:

User Account ID  =  this should contain the username of your e-mail address (everything before (or .net). ).

Incoming Mail Server = follows this format: Replace the with your ISP's info.

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server = Replace the with your ISP's info.

Default E-mail Application  =  choose which e-mail program will be your default.


Web tab:

Home Page = This is the first page to come up when you open your browser.

Default Web Browser = Select which browser will be your default web browser.


News tab:

News (NNTP) Server = follows this format: with your ISP's name substituted for "

Connect to news server as = Registered user

Name = your "dial-up username" without the "" on the end of it.

Default News Application = Select which Newsgroup client will be your default news reader.


Advanced tab:

The Advanced tab has many features.  We will focus only on the Proxy feature.

The most common reason to use Proxies is:

Filtering:  Web sites are filtered to stop unwanted sites dealing with smut, violence, etc. from reaching your computer.  The proxy address is available from your ISP support center. 

On the left, scroll down in the menu and select the Firewalls icon. 

Then, to the right, enable Web Proxy.

If you don't know the address and port, contact your ISP's support center.


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