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  Can't Connect Because "Connect" Button Is Gray?

That's not *supposed* to happen but sometimes it does. There are a couple of tricks that might fix this.

1.    Try going into your TCP properties. In the very first window at the top, you will be set for either FreePPP or PPP. Click the little drop down arrow on the far right and choose any other option. Restart. Return to that window and reset to the original dialer.


The TCP/IP 1.1.1 window is pictured below. The "connect via" box will give you drop-down options to select any version of the PPP dialer that is installed on that Macintosh. Choose any other option but be sure to remember which one was there first. Restart the computer. Return to this window. Reset to the original option. Restart the computer again. If that didn't work then go to #2 below for other possible fixes.


2.     Didn't work? Open your hard disk and find the extensions folder in the system folder. Find FreePPP or PPP in that folder and drag it to your desktop. Restart the computer. Drag the folder back into your extensions folder. Restart the computer again.  Click here for more info on the system folder.

       The File Menu contains a choice to Find. If it does not contain a choice to Find, then switch programs to Finder by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your monitor. Go back to the file menu and look for the "find" option again. Have it search for FreePPP or PPP depending on which dialer you use.

3. Still doesn't work? Try calling Apple's tech support number: 800-500-7078


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