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Miscellaneous Macintosh Topics


  Checking The Macintosh O/S Version:

It is easy to check the version of a Macintosh operating system.

Click the Apple icon in the top left hand corner of the screen and choose About this computer or About this Mac, as shown below.

Note:  If it says "About Claris Works" or some other program then you need to return to the main desktop and try again.

Mac Classic: Mac OS X:


A screen will pop-up like the one below. It will tell you the version of the operating system (such as Mac OS 8.1 in the sample) and it will also tell you how much RAM (built-in memory), virtual memory and hard drive space is available.


Mac OS X


Mac OS 9


Mac OS 8

Pre-7.5 versions of the Macintosh will use MacTCP and ConfigPPP for networking. These are very old. The Total Internet installation CD will update any such Mac by installing Open Transport 1.1.1 which will install TCP 1.1.1 and FreePPP. These programs are highly recommended over their earlier predecessors.


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