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  Zapping The Mac's P-RAM:

A variety of system settings are stored on a small chip on the Macintosh processor called P-RAM (parameter RAM memory). These settings can affect a variety of operating system operations. They particularly affect the overall system, memory and display functions.

This P-RAM can get corrupted. This can result in lots of irregular behavior by the Macintosh such as improper drive mounting at startup, gray screens, inability to open your internet browser such as Internet Explorer, etc.

If all else fails, it is sometimes helpful to "zap" the P-RAM to reset the P-RAM back to its default "factory settings." You do this by holding down the following four keys while starting or restarting your computer:  command key, option key, "p" key and "r" key. [Notes: This only works on O/S 7.0 or higher. The command key sort of looks like a flower.] Wait until you hear four chimes from the computer and then release the keys.

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