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  System Folder Basics:  Start-Up, Extensions, Control Panels & Preferences

Within the System Folder there are several important areas. However, these areas generally don't effect our DUN setup. As such, we will seldom need to deal with extensions, etc. Meanwhile, the Control Panels are easiest to access via the Apple icon menu.

  1. Extensions Folder: New functionality for the Macintosh operating system is added here. Let's say we want to add the ability to read minds. :-) We would need to add the Mindreader extension. Extensions usually have to be here on startup to be functional. Restart if you make any changes to this folder.

    Note:  It is best to use the Extensions Manager (in Control Panels) to make changes to extensions.

  2. Control Panels: This controls aspects of the system such as Color, Sound, etc. It can also control extensions. After you add the Mindreader extension, you can specify how you want minds read in the Mindreader control panel. Control panels usually have to be here on startup to be functional. Restart if you make any changes to this folder.

  3. Preferences: Program and system settings are stored here. For example, if you throw away Eudora Preferences (Which does not reside in the preferences folder but in the Eudora folder in the System Folder), Eudora will lose all of its mail settings. Control panels make preference files. When nothing else seems to work, throwing away the Preferences file related to the broken function and reconfiguring that function may work. Note: Don't throw away Extensions like you throw away Preferences. You throw away Preferences and you can make new ones. You throw away Extensions, that's it. The program doesn't work.

Note: To remove items from the Macintosh System Folder, simply drag them to the desktop and then restart. If they are not in their place in the system folder, they cannot hurt you.


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