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  AVG Anti-Virus - Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 

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  AVG Anti-Virus' Main Screen:

In the System Tray, right-click the AVG icon and select the option Run AVG Anti-Virus from the pop-up menu.


The four buttons on the left display the AVG System Status, letting you know what features are enabled and up to date.


Running Tests:

From the main screen you can click either of the big blue buttons to perform a virus scan.  Click Run Complete Test to scan your entire computer.  Click Removable Media Test to scan floppy disks, CDs, external hard drives, etc.

Click the Tests menu to perform a Custom Test of specific files and folders.  You can run one of the other two tests here as well.

The virus scan can take from seconds to hours, depending on the scope of the scan.


Test Results:

You can view the results of past tests by clicking the Results menu as shown below.


The following screen gives the results of the past tests run on this machine:


Virus Vault:

When a virus is detected, AVG disables it and places it in the Virus Vault.  To view items that were caught with viruses, click the Program menu, and then AVG Virus Vault, as shown below.


The AVG Virus Vault shown below displays files that have been found to be infected and subsequently placed in the Virus Vault.


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