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  McAfee VirusScan - Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 

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  Main Screen of McAfee VirusScan:

There are two ways to access the main screen of McAfee VirusScan.

Method 1: System Tray

In the System Tray, right-click the McAfee icon and select the option Launch VirusScan from the pop-up menu.


Method 2: Programs List

On the Desktop, click the Start button and select Programs -> McAfee -> VirusScan Home Edition from the menus.


The McAfee VirusScan window opens.  The Home screen summarizes the state of your program.

In the Tasks menu on the left, there are four tasks: 

A few of the more complex tasks will be discussed below.


Automatic Protection Settings:

In the Tasks menu on the left, click the option to Configure automatic protection settings to see the screen below.

Add or remove checkmarks to enable or disable the following key components:
    System Scanning
    e-mail Scanning

E-mail is the most common way in which computer viruses are spread, so you should typically have this turned on.  This e-mail Scanning applies to programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, etc.  e-mail attachments will be automatically scanned.

Troubleshooting tip:  If you are having problems with an e-mail program, turn off McAfee's e-mail Scan and HAWK for E-mail to make sure McAfee is not the culprit.  These are the 2nd and 3rd checkmarks below.

For advanced configuration options and preferences in these three areas, click the Advanced button.  Click here for a screen shots of all of the advanced settings.



Other Tasks: Instant Updater:

In the Tasks menu on the left, click the option for Other tasks to see the screen below.

There are three tasks.  Only the Instant Updater is discussed here.


After clicking on McAfee Instant Updater, McAfee will check for updates to your product, eventually arriving at the screen below:

Place a check mark in all the updates and click the Update button.


McAfee will then download and install the updates, eventually arriving at the summary screen below.  

Click the Finish button.


Quarantined Files:

Click Advanced Tasks to expand the menu.  

Then choose the first option to Manage quarantined files, as pictured below.

When a virus is detected, McAfee quarantines the item.  The screen below shows any quarantined items.


Scheduled Tasks:

Under Advanced Tasks, choose the option to View and edit scheduled scans, as pictured below.

You can setup McAfee to scan your computer for viruses on a regular basis.


Activity Log:

The Activity Log keeps track of all activities performed by McAfee.


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