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Norton Anti-Virus 2003 - Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 

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  Main Screen of Norton Anti-Virus:

There are two ways to access the main screen of Norton Anti-Virus.

Method 1: System Tray

In the System Tray, right-click the Norton Anti-Virus icon and select the option Open Norton Anti-Virus from the menu.


Method 2: Programs List

On the Desktop, click the Start button and select Programs -> Norton Anti-Virus -> Norton Anti-Virus 2003 from the menus.


Status Screen:

The following window appears:

This shows you at-a-glance which features are enabled and up to date.

To turn on the first three, Auto-Protect, Email Scanning, and Script Blocking, click the Options button at the top left.  Click here for help with the Options.

If the Virus Definitions are out of date, click the Live Update button at the top left to check for new virus definitions.  Click here for help with Live Update.  To turn on the Automatic Live Update, click the Options button at the top left.  Click here for help with the Options.


Scan For Viruses:

You can scan for viruses on any part of your computer.  The screen below shows that you can choose to perform a scan on the entire computer all the way down to only one file.

Pick the type of scan to run and then click the Scan option at the bottom.  You can also schedule future scans.



The virus scan can take from seconds to hours, depending on the scope of the scan.  Once finished, a screen like the following will summarize the results of the scan.


Reports Screen:

You can view reports of activities performed by NAV or see lists of quarantined items in which viruses where detected.



Quarantined items:

When a virus is detected, NAV quarantines the item.  The report screen below shows any quarantined items.


Activity Log:

The Activity Log keeps track of all activities performed by NAV.


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