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  Enabling/Disabling Norton AntiVirus E-mail Scanning:

If you're having trouble downloading your e-mail, it may be due to Norton E-mail Scanning.  You can disable automatic e-mail scanning for troubleshooting purposes.  You should re-enable it after.

Note:  Before downloading any e-mail messages, check your Web mail first.  Verify if any messages are from people you don't know and more importantly if they have attachments.  Delete any suspicious messages.  You can also create another folder in Web mail and move any suspicious messages to that folder.  POP3 accounts only download from the Inbox not from other folders.  If you find it's not Norton's fault, move any messages back to the Inbox.

Important:  It's not wise to disable Norton's Antivirus Auto-Protect.

In the System Tray, right click the Norton AntiVirus icon and select Open Norton AntiVirus.


Norton Internet Security appears.

On the Toolbar, click Options and select Norton AntiVirus.


Norton AntiVirus Options appears.


In the left-hand column, highlight E-mail.

What to scan:

Uncheck Scan incoming Email (recommended).
Uncheck Scan outgoing Email (recommended).

Click the OK button.


The Protection Alert window appears.

Turning this feature off does reduce your protection, but we're only turning it off for troubleshooting purposes.  You'll want to turn it back on after troubleshooting.

Select the duration:  Select 15 minutes from the menu.

Click the OK button to continue.


We return to Norton's main screen.

As you can now see, Email Scanning has been turned off.


Now open your e-mail program and try to download your messages.  If you have no problem downloading messages, it may very well have been Email Scanning.  Reboot your computer and re-enable Email Scanning.

To re-enable E-mail Scanning, do the following:

Check Scan incoming Email (recommended).
Check Scan outgoing Email (recommended).

Click the OK button to re-enable the scanning.


We return to Norton's main window.

Email Scanning now shows as enabled.


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