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  Norton Internet Security 2006 - Microsoft Windows 

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  Enabling/Disabling Norton Personal Firewall:

If you're having trouble browsing, it may be due to Norton's Personal Firewall settings.  You can disable the firewall for troubleshooting purposes.  If you can browse with the firewall disabled, it is probably a setting you'll need to adjust or a program you'll need to allow access.  You should re-enable it after.

In the System Tray, right click the Norton Internet Security icon and select Open Norton Internet Security.


Norton Internet Security appears.

In the left-hand column, click Norton Internet Security.
To the right, highlight Personal Firewall.
In the bottom, right-hand corner, click the Turn Off button.


The Protection Alert window appears.

Turning this feature off does reduce your protection, but we're only turning it off for troubleshooting purposes.

Select the duration:  Select 5 minutes from the menu.

Click the OK button to continue.


Norton's screen turns red to indicate you're not fully protected.

Now access the Internet with the program you were using before.  If it functions normally now, the firewall may have been the cause.  You may need to add the program to Norton's Allow list.  Click here for a tutorial.

To re-enable the firewall, click the Turn On button located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the window.


Norton's screen returns to the all's-well yellow.


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