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 Windows XP (SP2) Firewall - Firewall for Microsoft Windows 

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  Disabling/Enabling Windows XP Firewall:

Firewalls can interfere with browsing.  While troubleshooting browsing issues, you should disable Windows XP Firewall to verify if it is the culprit.  Do the following:

On the Desktop, click the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.


The Control Panel appears.

Depending on the configuration, you'll see either the Category View or the Classic View.

Control Panel - Category View   Control Panel - Classic View
In Category View, double click the Security Center
  In Classic View, double click the Windows Firewall icon.

The Windows Security Center window appears.

Double click the Windows Firewall icon.



The Windows Firewall window appears.

Select the General tab.

Select either On (recommended) to enable the firewall or Off (not recommended) to disable the firewall.

Click the OK button to close the window.


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