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Filtering:  Proxy-Lockdown Software

ProxyWatch is a program that works in conjunction with your ISP's Web Filtering service.  ProxyWatch is NOT web filtering software.  Your ISP handles the filtering with a "Proxy Server" before web pages reach your computer. 
ProxyWatch serves two roles:

  1. Configure your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to communicate with your ISP's Proxy Server.

  2. Password protect these settings so that no one else using your computer can disable the Proxy settings.

If anyone attempts to make changes to or disable the proxy settings in your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape), ProxyWatch automatically re-enables the proxy settings.  If you do need to turn off the proxy filter settings, you will need to open ProxyWatch, enter your password, and then disable the program.  Once ProxyWatch is disabled, you can remove the proxy settings from your web browser.

Remember:  ProxyWatch is not a filter.  It merely sets up your web browser to work with your ISP's filter.

ProxyWatch Web Filter Lock


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