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 Netscape 8.x - Browser for Microsoft Windows 

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 Configuring Netscape to access your Web Mail:

Although Netscape 8 doesn't have an e-mail client, you can configure it to access your Web Mail.  Do the following:

On the Toolbar, click the Up-arrow next to the Setup E-mail tab and select Add Other E-Mail Account.


The Manage E-mail Accounts window appears.

By default, a Netscape Mail account has already been started.  You can click the Add Account button to configure a new account or just modify the Netscape Mail account.  We'll modify the existing account.

Provider  =  Click the down-arrow and select Other from the menu.
Description  =  Enter a name for the mail server you'll be accessing.
Display separately in toolbar  =  If you check this box, Netscape will create a button on the toolbar for accessing this mail server.
Inbox URL  =  Enter the name address of the incoming mail server.  It usually follows this format: (or .net).
Write E-mail URL  =  You can just enter none in this field.
Address Book URL  =  You can just enter none in this field.

Click the button Make This My Primary Account.

Click the OK button.


If you checked the box Display separately in toolbar in the last step, the button appears on the main Netscape window.  Click the button.


Your Web Mail login screen appears.

E-mail Address  =  Enter your e-mail address.
Password  =  Enter the password to your e-mail address.

Click the Log In button.


The Save New Passcard window opens.

Save a New Passcard  =  If you would like Netscape to save the username and password for this site, select this option.
The next time I visit this site  =  Select your preferred option.  If you select Automatically Fill Passcard, you won't have to enter your information each time you access this site.

Note:  If you select Automatically Log In, Netscape will keep logging in each time you log out.

Click the OK button (not seen).


Netscape accesses your Web Mail.


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