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  Configuring a profile for Exodus:

After launching Exodus for the first time, you should get the following window:  Login.

The following screenshots will help you set up your own user profile.

Click Profile and select Create New Profile from the menu.


The New Profile window opens.

Enter Profile Name  =  give the profile a distinctive name.

Click OK.


The following window appears:

Now we'll create the account for the new profile.

Select the Profile tab.

Username  =  enter the username you'd like to use.
    Note:  if the username is already taken, you'll be notified.  You'll need to choose another.
Server  =  enter the name of your messenger server.  It uses the following format:
Resource  =  Select whether it's for work, home, etc.
Password  =  enter the password for the account.

Select Save password if you don't want to type your password each time you log on.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.


Now the next time you log on to Exodus, select your profile from the profile menu.

Click OK to log on.


You may receive a window similar to the following:  Subscription Request.

Someone is asking to be added to your contact list.  You can choose to Accept them or Deny them.  It's up to you.

Note:  other people will see the same window but with your username in it.  They'll be able to accept or deny your subscription request.


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