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  Installing Jabberwana:

Jabberwana doesn't install the way most programs install on your computer.  It doesn't create a folder in your Program Files folder, nor does it configure anything in the registry.  Jabberwana simply places all necessary files in a particular folder.  You can either launch Jabberwana from that folder or create a shortcut to the Jabberwana executable.

I cut and pasted the whole 'Jabberwana' folder in the 'Program Files' directory on the 'C' drive.  I then created a shortcut to the Jabberwana executable.  This tutorial shows how to create that shortcut.

Right click on your Desktop.  Select New and then Shortcut from the menus.


A folder similar to the Create Shortcut folder below should appear.

Click the Browse button.


Locate and click My Computer and then Local Disk (C:).


Locate and click Program Files to expand its menu.


Locate and double click the folder that contains Jabberwana.exe.

Locate and highlight Jabberwana.exe.

Click OK when finished.


Click Next to continue.


Give the shortcut a name.

Click Finish to complete the creation of the shortcut.


The shortcut now appears on your Desktop.

Double click the shortcut to launch Jabberwana.


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