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  Chat/Instant Messaging Clients - Microsoft Windows

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  Configuring a profile for myJabber:

After launching myJabber for the first time, you should get the following window:  Accounts Wizard.

The wizard helps you set up your own user profile.

Click Next to continue.


Select Create a New Account.

Username  =  enter the username you'd like to use.
Note:  the username may already be taken.  You may have to think of another.

  =  enter a password.
Confirm Password  =  enter the same password to confirm.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

You can check Remember Password.  You won't have to type it in each time you connect to chat.

Click Next to continue.


Server  =  enter the name address of the chat server.  It follows this format:
Port  =  the default port of 5222 is correct.
Resource  =  select Home or Office.

Click Next to continue.


Click Next to continue.


The following information is voluntary; it does not need to be completed.

ISP User Directory:

name  =  enter your name.
first  =  enter your first name.
last  =  enter your last name.
nick  =  enter a nick name.
e-mail  =  enter your e-mail address.

Click Next to continue.


You're done.

Click Finish to complete the Accounts Wizard.


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