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  Configuring a profile for Rhymbox:

After launching Rhymbox for the first time, you should get the following window:  Add Profile Wizard.

The wizard helps you set up your own user profile.

Click Next to continue.


Nickname  =  enter a nickname by which you'd like to be known.
First name  =  enter your first name.
Last name  =  enter you last name.

Click Next to continue.


Select an image from the ones listed.

Note:  you can always change it or even select one of your own later.

Click Next to continue.


Select whether you want to create a new IM address or enter an existing address.

Click Next to continue.


Instant messaging server:

Select Private network server and enter where 'ispname' would be the name or your Internet Service Provider.

Username  =  enter your dial-up username (without
Password  =  enter your dial-up password.
Confirm password  =  confirm your dial-up password.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

Rhymbox will fill in Your IM address automatically.

Click Next to continue.


It will take a few seconds to register.

Click Next to continue.


You've finished configuring the necessary settings of your profile.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.


The following window should automatically appear:

This is Rhymbox's main window.

To learn how to add someone to your buddy list, click here.


After logging off of Rhymbox, the following window should appear each time you launch Rhymbox:

If there were more than one profile, you would highlight the desired profile and click OK to access it.

Note:  to add another profile, click 'Add profile'.


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