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  Configuring a profile for TipicIM:

Before chatting with friends online, you'll need to configure a profile and create an IM account.

After installing TipicIM, the following window should automatically appear:  Add Profile Wizard.

Click Next to continue.


Nickname  =  enter a nickname by which you'd like to be known.
First name  =  enter your first name.
Last name  =  enter your last name.

Click Next to continue.


Select an image that suits your personality.

Click Next to continue.


Select I want to create a new instant messaging address.

Note:  if you already have a jabber ID, select the second option.

Click Next to continue.


IM Server:

Your TIMP IM server  =  enter the name address of the IM server.  It follows this format:

Username  =  enter the username you wish to use.
Note:  TipicIM will alert you if the username is already taken.  Keep in mind some alternatives.

Password  =  enter a password for the IM account.
Confirm password  =  re-enter your password.
Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

Check the box Remember my password if you do not wish to type your password each time you log on to TipicIM.

Your IM address  =  TipicIM will display your address automatically.

Click Next to continue.


TipicIM will register the account and complete it if the username is not already taken.

Click Next to continue.


Your done.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Now you need to add friends to your list of contacts.  To learn how to add friends to your list of contacts, click here.


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