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  Configuring a profile for Yabber:

Before using Yabber, you need to create a profile and user account.  To do this, do the following:

The first time you launch Yabber, the following window should appear:

Towards the bottom, left-hand corner, click Signup for a new Jabber account.


The Yabber Registration Wizard launches.

Click Next to continue.


Connection Details:

Select whether you connecting through a dial-up connection or through a broadband connection such as DSL or wireless.

Note:  unless you're using a firewall, you won't need to worry about the proxy server.

Click Next to continue.


Your Details:

User ID  =  enter a user identification you'd like to use.
Note:  if the user ID is already in use, you'll need to select a new one.  Have a couple in mind.
Nick Name  =  enter a nickname by which you'd like to be known.
First Name  =  enter your first name.
Last Name  =  enter your last name.
Email Address  =  enter your e-mail address.

Click Next to continue.


Jabber Server:

Server  =  enter the name address of the IM server.  It follows this format:


Password  =  enter a password.
Confirm Password  =  re-enter the password.
Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

Check the box Save Password if you don't want to enter the password each time you use Yabber.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.




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