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  Configuring a profile for wxSkabber:

Note:  wxSkabber has windows that are not connected; they're in pieces.  I've placed them next to each other to make the screenshot smaller.

To chat with others on the Internet, you'll need to configure a profile.  To configure a profile, do the following:

On the Choose Profile window, click the Add button.


A small drop-down window appears.

Select Create and add new Jabber Account from the menu.


The Create Profile window appears.

This is where you'll enter the necessary information.

Account Data tab:

Server  =  enter the name address of your ISP's IM server.  It follows this format:
Username  =  enter the username you'd like to use.
Note:  the username already may be in use.  Have a 2nd or 3rd choice ready.

Password  =  enter a password for the account.
Confirm  =  re-enter the password for the account.
Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is NOT enabled.

Port  =  assuming you do not have a firewall set up on your computer, this should be set to the default port of 5222.

Resource  =  wxSkabber should be selected.


Select the Connection tab.

Connection Type  =  unless you have a firewall set up on your computer, this should be set to normal.

Click the Save button.


Your user profile, if not already in use, now appears in the Choose Profile window.

Click the OK button.


You now need to connect to the IM server.

Click the Offline bar and select Available to come online.


The Offline bar now says Available.

Click the Show Roster icon.


The Roster window appears.

If you have any contacts, they will show up here.

To learn how to add contacts, click here.


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