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  Actiontec GT701-WG DSL Modem for Microsoft Windows

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  Bridged Configuration for the Actiontec GT701-WG DSL Modem:

To bring up the Actiontec configuration interface do the following:

Open your browser.

Address:  Enter the gateway address

Click the Enter key.


Actiontec's configuration window appears.

Click the Setup / Configuration link.


In the left-hand column, click the Non-Windows Setup link.


Non-Windows Setup:

ISP Protocol:

Select the Bridged option.

IP Configuration:

Select the Static option.

IP  =  Enter the IP address given by your ISP.
Subnet  =  Enter the subnet mask provided by your ISP.
Gateway  =  Enter the gateway provided by your ISP.

DNS Configuration:

Select the Static option.

Primary DNS  =  Enter our preferred DNS number
Secondary DNS  =  Enter our alternate DNS number

Click the Save and Restart button.


Congratulations.  You're done.

Close the browser.


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