Gearbox - Dialer for Microsoft Windows   

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  Creating a new Internet account:

After the initial installation of Gearbox, the following window appears:

Here you'll pick whether you're going to register a new account or an existing one.  Gearbox will do two things:

1.  Gather some information about your location.
2.  Connect to the Internet so you can sign up.

Click the next button to continue.


Dial Location Information:

My area code is:  Enter your area code.
Dial using:  Select whether you have Tone or Pulse dialing.
Advanced Options:

To disable call waiting, dial:  If you have call waiting, enter the code you should dial to disable it.  Normally this code is "*70,".
To access an outside line, dial:  If you have to dial a number to access an outside line, enter it now.  Normally this number is "9,".

Click the next button to continue.


Select Modem:

Please select the modem you will use to connect the the Internet:  Select your modem from the list.

Note:  There should only be one listed.

Click the next button to continue.


Gearbox has finished collecting information.

Click the finish button to continue.


The Gearbox Dialer appears.

Gearbox will now connect to the Internet so you may continue with the registration process.


When connected, the following window appears:

My account Status:

Select the option I want to sign up a NEW Internet Account.

Click the Continue with Signup button.


The following window appears:

Please Enter Your Personal Information:

Select the type of account you'd like from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the necessary information.

Click the Next >> button to continue.


Click the Next >> button to continue.


Please Enter Your Payment Info:

Fill in your credit card information.

Check the box I accept the terms of the User Agreement.

Click the Finish >> button to complete the process. Note: This button will not work until you click in the box to add a checkmark to accept the terms of the user agreement.


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