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  Internet Explorer - Browser for Pocket Windows 2002 

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  Configuring Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer for Pocket PC does not need any configuration; however, you should delete the cache, cookies, and history from time to time.

To empty these folders, do the following:

On your Palmtop, click the Start button and select Internet Explorer from the menu.


Pocket Internet Explorer opens.

On the Toolbar towards the bottom-left corner of the screen, click Tools and select Options from the pop-up menu.


Clearing the History and Cache:

The following screen appears:

The last page you visited should show up as the current home page.


The history is a folder containing a list of every site visited during a certain time period (30 days in the example below).  The list appears in the address bar of Pocket Internet Explorer.

To empty the history folder and clear the address bar, click the Clear History button.


The cache is a folder containing all the files (text and images) of the sites you visit.  Every word, icon, photo, etc. of the pages you visit are stored in this folder.  Depending on your surfing habits, they can build up quickly.  They should be deleted periodically to improve browsing performance.

To delete the cache, click the Delete Files button.


Clearing the Cookies:

Toward the bottom of the screen, select the Advanced tab.


Cookies are a necessary evil on the Internet.  Cookies are small files left on your computer to aid in quicker access to a page when you return to it, and to identify you as well.  However, some sites gather information from you through the use of cookies (browsing habits, for example).  As annoying as they can be, you need them to be able to access certain sites i.e., bank and credit union sites.  These sites are usually secure sites in which the address is preceeded by "https://" as opposed to just "http://".  Without enabling cookies, you cannot access these sites and certain others.  You should delete them from time to time to improve browsing performance.

To delete the stored cookies, click the Clear Cookies button.

Security Settings:

Internet Explorer can alert you if you browse from a secure site to a non-secure site.  Simply check the box labled "Warn when changing to page that is not secure".


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