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  Wireless Connections - Pocket Windows 2002 

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  Creating a wireless connection for Hotspotzz:

To create a wireless connection to Hotspotzz, you must first insert your wireless card into your PDA.

Toward the bottom of the screen you should see your card's icon.

Click on the icon to launch the configuration screen.


A configuration screen similar to the following will appear:

Toward the bottom of the screen lies a series of tabs.  It is on these tabs that you'll configure your connection to Hotspotzz.

There are three settings that should be enabled:  ESSID, Encryption, and Channel.

Select the Mode tab.

802.11 ESSID  =  enter the name hotspotzz.

Operating Mode  =  leave this at Infrastructure.


Select the Options tab.

Ensure that International roaming is UNchecked.


Select the Encryption tab.

Algorithm  =  ensure that this is set to Open System (no encryption).


Select the Signal tab.

You should ensure that you're getting a good signal.


Select the APs tab.

The Channel should be at 1 and is done automatically.

Click the OK button to close the connection configuration screen.


Logging in to Hotspotzz:

Now that the connection has been configured, you'll need to log in to Hotspotzz.

To log in to Hotspotzz, launch Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer opens.

In the Address Bar, enter the address http://www.hotspotzz.com/.


You'll be directed to Hotspotzz mobile site automatically.

If the Hotspotzz Web page loads, you have a good signal.  You'll have one of two options:

1.  If the log-in screen appears, sign in.  Click here to view the log-in screen appears.
2.  If the log-in screen does not appear, do the following:


In the Address Bar, enter the address of the site you'd like to visit.  In the following example, we entered "http://www.google.com".


The Log-in Screen appears.

Username  =  enter your username.  Note that there are three types of logins.  The method you use to log in depends on the plan you have.

Unlimited or PayGo account  =  enter username@hotspotzz.com.
Scratch Card Account
  =  enter username@hotspotzz (no .com).
MyHotspotzz Account
  =  enter username@ispname.com.

Password  =  enter your password.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure that your Caps Lock key is NOT enabled.

Click the LOGIN button.


The following window appears:

Click the Continue button to begin your session.


You are now logged in and your session has started.

Click the first link to go to the Website you requested.

Note:  the address "http://ac-01.spotzz.com/SPRateS" is also your log-out screen.  You can go back to this screen and click the second link to log off of hotspotzz.


The Website you requested appears.

Happy browsing.


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