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  CuteFTP 6  -  FTP Client for Microsoft Windows  

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  Creating new FTP accounts:

Creating a new FTP account is quite simple.  Do the following:

Select the Site Manager tab.


In the Site Manager tab, right click General FTP Sites and select New -> FTP Site from the menus.


The Site Properties window appears.

Select the General tab.

Label  =  Enter a name for the site.  It can be anything you'd like.
Host address  =  Enter the address of your personal Web space.  The address follows this format:  http://users.ispname.com.
Username  =  Enter the dial-up username of your Internet account.  It follows this format:  username@ispname.com.
Password  =  Enter the dial-up password of your Internet account.

Important:  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure that your Caps Lock key is DISabled.

Login method  =  Select Normal from the list of options.


Select the Type tab.

Protocol type  =  Select the option FTP (standard File Transfer Protocol) from the menu.
Port  =  The port should be the default FTP port of 21.


Select the Actions tab.

When client connects, switch to this remote folder  =  If you use a default remote directory, this is where you would enter the path to that of the folder.

Click the OK button to close the window or click the Connect button to log on now.


The new site appears in the list of General FTP Sites.


You can connect by right clicking the FTP site and selecting Connect from the menu.


To disconnect, click the File menu and select Disconnect.


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